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  1. Antigua Guatemala : Everything For Every Budget


    If pennies are tight or this is the trip to splash the cash, our summary of things to do in Antigua will tick off all our supporters' must-do list.

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  2. Voices of Hope Podcast: A family that found Hope


    Today our guest is one of our wonderful families. the Orizabal Quiná family. We will be talking to Aura, the mom of the family and her sister Olga about their experiences with the Foundation. Aura has three children that attend the School of Hope and Olga is one of our scholarship students.

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  3. Join Us In Guatemala


    We're celebrating turning 20 this July. Ever considered a trip to Central America? Find out more about the beautiful city of Antigua, 10 minutes by tuk tuk from the School of Hope and come and celebrate with us.

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  4. Frank (Aged 7) Antigua Top Ten


    Our UK Communications Manager, Kate Hendry travelled to Guatemala to visit the School of Hope, joined by her young family. Her seven-year-old Frank was wowed by his travels and presents his top ten things for kids in the city.

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  5. Congratulations Jackelyn


    As we near the end of the year we’re focusing on next year’s 20th anniversary celebrations. With 20 years of students that have passed through our doors, we have thousands of names, faces and aspirations that are forever held in our hearts. Some of the students that have been with us since they were small are now adults and truly represent what the mission of La Escuela La Esperanza stands for. One of them, Jakelyn, has just graduated after studying to be a radiography technician.

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  6. Escuela de Vacaciones 2022


    There’s a different feeling at the school in the month of November. Escuela de Vacaciones started on October 24 and ended November 23. Since this was outside of the regular school year, the set up at the School of Hope looked different.

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  7. An Ending Still To Be Written


    As we near our 20th anniversary year, CEO, Dave McKee updates on how the current global economic crisis is hitting the foundation particuarly hard.

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  8. Transformando una comunidad - Transforming a community


    In the second episode of the Voices of Hope podcast Roxana Leal, the communications coordinator, has a conversation with Patty Castillo, head of the scholarship department. They discuss how the foundation has evolved over the past 20 years and the impact it has had on the community of Jocotenango.

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  9. Feria de Emprendimiento


    EFTC started October off strong! October 7th was the Entrepreneurship Fair. The goal was to promote creativity, innovation and competition. The students from 5 to 3 básico had a week to come up with their products, make them at home and present them.

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  10. Storm Julia : How It Affected The School of Hope


    How Storm Julia has affected The School of Hope as students and staff prepare for the end of term.

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  11. Math is More than Just Numbers


    Imagine… you’re a teenager, summer is about to start and you come up with a math program for underserved kids in Guatemala. Gunner and Brian, wearing basketball shorts and t-shirts, walk into the School of Hope ready to start their two week math program for 5th and 6th grade students. They chose math because it is their best subject, and math can be a way to teach logic, reasoning, problem solving and life skills.

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  12. International Volunteers Are Back


    Over the last couple of months we have been delighted to welcome overseas volunteers back to school. Our Development Coordinator in Guatemala, Sinead Hickey caught up with Ben from the USA, Diana from Spain and Johannes from Germany who had just finished their placements to find out about their experiences.

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  13. Spring Event Success


    We were delighted to be able to bring supporters together for two fun events in Long Island and Wyoming in April.

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  14. School is fun, so let’s go on Saturdays!


    We started our Saturday School for our students that need extra support after two years far from the School of Hope.

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  15. We're Turning Twenty


    Come celebrate with us in Guatemala in July 2023 as we celebrate a very special anniversary - 20 years of Education For The Children.

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  16. A Place Of Metamorphosis At The School of Hope


    Metamorphosis takes time... our new Butterfly Mural at the School of Hope is a space to take a break, breath, reflect and remember our loved ones.

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  17. From Student To Stylist....Elias' Journey


    Discover how our latest entrepreneur Elias has put his university studies to good use as he opens his very first business, Top Man barber shop.

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  18. New water system at the School of Hope!


    On World Water Day we want to share with you our most recent project in collaboration with Ponte Verde Beach Rotary Club, South Guatemala Rotary Club, Beaches Rotaract, the engineering students from University of North Florida!

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  19. Cookalong With Amalia - 1 Week To Go


    Let renowned Guatemalan Chef Amalia guide you through delicious Churrasco Barbecue :) On Thursday March 24 we are celebrating World EFTC Day with a very special event. Chef Amalia, author of Amalia's Guatemalan Kitchen and Amalia's Mesoamerican Table will show you step-by-step how to create one of Guatemalans' favorite dishes Churrasco and accompanying sides dishes including Guatemalan favorite salsa Chirmol.

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  20. Fighting For Women's Rights In Guatemala


    On #InternationalWomensDay on Tuesday 8 March our students, female staff and teachers created a mural to take part in the fight for women's rights and highlight the issues that continue to affect women.

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  21. Cookalong With Amalia - Guatemalan Chef Extraordinaire


    We chat to Guatemalan Chef Amalia, author of renowned cookbook Amalia's Guatemalan Kitchen ahead of her cookalong event for EFTC on Thursday 24 March.

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  22. Volunteers and Visitors Returning To The School Of Hope


    Over the last 16 years visitors and volunteers have brought their unique skills and experiences to enrich The School of Hope. Since March 2020, with the school closed, we have been unable to welcome volunteers. As we reorganize to get every student back to school every day in 2022, we have opportunities to participate, in line with Guatemalan government regulations and the Foundation’s safety protocols.

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  23. Every Day We’re Helping Students Work, Rest And Play


    Last week was a fun packed, adrenaline rush time as we geared up and welcome all 450 students through the doors. Find out how improvements to our school building at the end of 2021 are helping students get back to class in 2022.

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  24. NY for EFTC is back!


    We are finally ready to come together to celebrate EFTC with our incredible supporter Emily! NY for EFTC 2022 will be held on Saturday, April 30th 2022 from 6pm-9pm at Captain Bills in Bay Shore, NY.

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  25. We Did It : Welcoming Every Student Back To Class


    We're open for classes to begin again! Monday 31st January was a huge ray of hope after two long years that have been hugely turbulent for The School of Hope. Our role and purpose has been majorly disrupted by the pandemic. Thanks to 2021 fundraising and a herculean effort by our staff in Guatemala we are now welcoming every student back to class every day.

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  26. Students Back Soon - Every Day :)


    Thanks to your donations in our ‘Every Student Back Every Day’ , our innovative and resilient team has adapted classrooms and recruited education and administrative staff over the holiday break to allow us to welcome students back in just a few weeks' time.

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  27. Every Student Back Every Day


    We're gunning to raise $21,228 this festive season to ensure that every student can come back to the classroom in 2022.

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  28. Congratulations Class of 2021


    A round-up of our wonderful, resilient graduates who have recently completed Primary, Middle, High School or University.

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  29. Introducing Our New Head Of Education


    We caught up with Andrea Figueroa our new Head of Education at The School of Hope to find out what she's excited about in her first month in the job.

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  30. Reflecting on 2020 - Annual Report Now Available As A Flipbook


    Check-out our Annual Report 2020 on ISSUU.

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  31. Little Learners' Literacy Lift


    Read how our mobile library service is helping our youngest students catch up with their literacy skills.

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  32. Keylin and Jennifer, empowered young women changing their futures!


    Keylin and Jennifer, both 16 years old, are not only outstanding students... they also share an incredible family bond. They are cousins ​​and young women determined to transform the world!

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  33. Change is in the air... Goodbye Brien...Welcome Octavio


    As we bid farewell to Brien Ashdown, we're delighted to welcome our new US Executive Director Octavio Hinojosa Mier.

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  34. Why Nutrition Matters


    Food has a decisive influence on the process of human development. In childhood, physical and intellectual changes are massively influenced by the quality of nutrition received. The reality of nutrition in Guatemala means that our Nutrition Program is a vital part of enabling students to achieve all their goals.

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  35. The School of Hope has been nominated for an Excellence Accreditation!


    During the process of reopening the School of Hope, our incredible Technical Director Nancy impressed different authorities in the education sector of Guatemala, leading to our wonderful school being nominated for the work we do every day.

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  36. Catch-Up Life Line For Our Determined Students


    Discover how our Saturday School program is aiding our high-schoolers to combat the stress of missing out on face-to-face schooling over the last year.

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  37. Young women heading for the workforce


    Some of our Further Education Students, in high school, university & vocational courses, started a specialized manicurist & nail technician course in the beginning of March. This workshop will provide them the skills to generate income immediately, contributing to their families financially while continuing with their studies. For EFTC it is important that our students have a diverse skill set, that allows them to continue to work towards and meet their goals while becoming more economically stable.

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  38. Meet our Special Education Teacher


    Ximena chose to be a teacher because from a young age she realized that learned differently from other students and she needed someone who understood her. Learn how her career has led her to be that person for her students.

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  39. We Have Permission To Re-Open


    We are so delighted that we have official permission from the Guatemalan authorities to re-open the School of Hope very soon.

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  40. Meet Adolfo: Our newest entrepreneur!


    Each of our students has a story to tell... in this interview Adolfo, our 3rd entrepreneur, shares his journey and how it led him to turn his dream of an ice cream shop into a reality.

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  41. The beginning of 2021 at EFTC


    In the first three months of 2021, many things have been accomplished at Education For The Children Foundation.

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  42. Superstar Sonja - What It Means To Be An EFTC Volunteer


    All of our volunteers are amazing, but Sonja and her dedication to finish what she started, amidst a global pandemic really embodies everything that EFTC stands for. In March 2020, as Covid-19 began to hit Guatemala, all our volunteers made their way home apart from Sonja. Now back at home, in the lead up to World EFTC Day, we talked to Sonja about reflections on her time at The School of Hope and why she chose to stay.

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  43. Christina's Throwback Guatemalan Surprise


    As we prepare for World EFTC Day on March 16 we are celebrating our supporters around the globe. Christina Jackson's story of support for EFTC was due to a surprising find in her suburban hometown that caused her to reminisce about her time in Guatemala in the 1970s.

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  44. Chef Erick’s Cycle Challenge


    One positive from the last year is seeing our staff members stepping out of the offices, classrooms, and the school kitchen to take on completely new projects and responsibilities. After the recent success of Sara's volcano challenge, our school chef Erick will be EFTC's next challenger. Along with three friends from his cycling group Erick will compete in a race on February 21st to raise money for the school and students he works so hard to support!

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  45. New members join our dedicated team!


    Teaching remotely in a pandemic is a tough job but our three new teachers have hit the ground running with fresh ideas to keep students engaged. We are delighted to welcome them to the School of Hope. Our new Communications Coordinator Tephie has also recently joined the Foundation team in Guatemala, working closely with our team in the UK to bring you the latest news from the school. Welcome to the EFTC family!

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  46. School of Hope 2021 update


    If there is one thing the last year has taught us, it is to adapt quickly to change. Our team in Guatemala were busy preparing to welcome students back to the School of Hope this January when last Thursday the government announced last minute that all schools will remain closed until March/ April at the earliest. The main task for the foundation right now is to raise essential funds and prepare plans and budgets for a range of eventualities. Funds must be spent creatively and meaningfully to ensure the best outcomes for our students in 2021 and beyond the Covid crisis.

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  47. 2021 Technology Appeal


    Help us equip our older students with technology so they can access online learning in 2021.

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  48. Feliz Navidad at the School of Hope!


    Before the School of Hope closes for the break, our team in Guatemala have been busy spreading much needed festive joy!

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  49. Breaking Barriers: Heidy's Story


    We recently caught up with one of our further education students, Heidy. Heidy is 22 years old and has recently found a job working in cleaning and maintenance for a local factory. She works long 12 hour days and still manages to find time to study. Heidy used to think that because she was a girl she would never have the chance to go to school. Now she is studying clinical psychology at university with the hope of helping other young women like her.

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  50. Deck The Halls Of The School Of Hope


    Help us deck the halls of The School of Hope this festive season. Throughout the month of December we will be opening 12 doors into the everyday life of our students and staff. You’ll meet people like Celena EFTC graduate and school nurse , our amazing kitchen staff, Michelle school psychologist, local bus drivers and of course, our students themselves.

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  51. Preparing Our Graduates For The Future


    Each year the School of Hope graduating class undergoes an in-depth high school preparation program, this year was no different despite the challenges. Find out how are 9th graders are celebrating and preparing for the future.

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  52. End of the 2020 school year


    The academic year in Guatemala runs from January to October, which means we have just one month left of the 2020 school year! Read the latest updates from the School of Hope including our new Covid-safe meeting spaces.

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  53. 7th hamper distribution


    A quick update on our 7th hamper distribution. As the School of Hope is now partially open for staff, parents were able to safely collect their hampers in-person and hand in their children's homework tasks.

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  54. Marvellous Murals


    Learn how university students Indira and Cristian are transforming The School of Hope's white walls during lockdown.

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  55. Entrepreneurship: through business, lives can be changed


    “An entrepreneur is someone that thinks bigger. They look at the world and don't just simply ask the question "why?" but "why not” ” We got a chance to “speak” (virtually and mainly in written format!) to Ty New from Project Apoyo about our first collaborative Small-Business grant.

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  56. When Covid Affects the Community


    Sara Miller, our Project Director in Guatemala and Brien Ashdown, our US Executive Director have just published an article on the School of Hope’s response to COVID in the journal of Local Development and Society.

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  57. Supporting Entrepreneurs: Kimberly's story


    Read the first installment about EFTC and Project Apoyo´s collaborative Small-Business Grant program. Awarded to Design & Fashion graduate, Kimberly. Who is showing that even in the middle of a pandemic with a lot of planning, dedication and some support success is within her reach.

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  58. COVID-19: six months on


    It is hard to believe that the School of Hope has been closed for 6 months now. Although cases of COVID-19 in Guatemala continue to rise, (total cases = 55,270 including 2,168 confirmed deaths) the Guatemalan government is beginning to open things up again with social distancing measures in place. Read here for the latest update on our 6th hamper distribution.

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  59. Graduating in Lockdown


    Discover how students in our Further Education programme are getting to grips with completing their education during Guatemala´s lockdown.

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  60. Covid-19 Cases Rise And We Respond


    Covid-19 cases continue to rise in Guatemala with 23,248 confirmed and 947 deaths confirmed as of Monday 6 July. The School of Hope remains closed and we remain committed to the nourishment, well-being and education of our students. Our 5th emergency hamper distribution is vital to give our families what they need to endure this ongoing crisis.

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  61. Learning How To Respond


    As The School of Hope remains closed, we have to constantly adapt and change our methods to provide both practical and emotional support to our families. Read about how our social department have adapted how they work to conduct a telephone survey with all of our families to determine need and our supporting strategy.

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  62. Laura's mega challenge


    During lockdown Laura Mitchell, a previous volunteer intern with EFTC took on the incredible challenge of completing 3.5 marathons on foot and bike! So far she has raised an amazing £740 for the School of Hope. These funds will help us to continue to provide essential support to students and their families throughout this crisis.

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  63. Congratulations Emma Honey - EFTC volunteer intern


    We were delighted to hear that Emma Honey, one of our recent interns has received the Outstanding Engaged Student Scholarship from Hobart and William Smith College’s 12th annual Community Engaged Scholarship Forum. Emma journeyed from Geneva NY, USA to volunteer as a teaching assistant in the summer of 2019. Here she reflects on her time with her students at The School of Hope.

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  64. Critical Support Continues Under Curfew


    Covid-19 cases in Guatemala have been steadily rising causing President Alejandro Giammattei to extend the evening curfew and implement nationwide weekend lockdowns from Friday 15th May. Find out how we're meeting the challenge to distribute both food, hygiene supplies and homework to ensure all our students remain healthy and learning.

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  65. Looking after our mental health in a time of crisis


    In support of Mental Health Awareness Week, our head of Social Services, Aracely, tells us how the team in Guatemala are continuing to provide mental health support during quarantine. Aracely started working for EFTC in 2007 as our first ever school psychologist. Now she oversees our Social Services Department, who are currently working hard from home to help our families through this crisis.

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  66. Keeping Dreams Alive


    Patty Castillo, our Head of Scholarship at the School of Hope, shares how her team is supporting our scholarship students and the initiative and resilience of these young people as they hope to progress to university

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  67. Phenomenal Proven Partnerships


    Ever since the foundation was established back in 2003, we’ve pushed the boundaries to better serve our student community. Part of that ethos is being outward looking and collaborative wherever we can. There’s huge benefits to establishing long term partnerships.

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  68. Erick’s Egg Escapade


    Our 3rd food hamper distribution went eggcellently. Excuse the pun, but it’s got to that point in lockdown:) Our wonderful chef Erick steps up once again. He’s becoming a hero on the frontline, king of distribution and egg-juggling multitasker. Read his story of what it’s like to be coordinating through all of the crazy right-now.

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  69. Project Director, Sara Miller tells all about her team of heroes who fed our families


    Our mission was to feed our families and we did just that. Foundation Director, Sara Miller, updates us on the herculean effort it took to get all of the life-nourishing food out to our families before the COVID-19 related curfew.

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  70. The next stage of our coronavirus response: feed our families


    Tough times call for immediate action. Our families income is coming to a screeching halt and we must step in and change our focus from educator to provider.

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  71. Educating Students in Lockdown


    Our Education Director Kelsey Carlton updates us on how the School of Hope's teachers are getting to grips with providing support to our students during lockdown.

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  72. Impact of Covid-19 on the EFTC Foundation


    We live in unprecedented times that are changing minute by minute. Here's an overview of how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting our students and staff at The School of Hope and at our Foundation offices in the USA

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  73. Donate Your Dinner for The School of Hope


    In the lead up to World EFTC Day on Thursday 19 March we're asking all of our supporters to donate their dinners to fund our 2020 nutrition shortfall budget.

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  74. David's Tonne Run Banishes the Winter Blues


    In the lead up to World EFTC Day on Thursday 19 March, we’re sharing our supporters' stories of how they have challenged themselves for the School of Hope. Here, David Wilson from our longtime corporate partner HD Decisions, tells us what motivated him to take on the Tonne Run Challenge.

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  75. Help Graduate Students Fulfill Their Dreams


    Hi, I’m Patricia Castillo, Further Education Director at The School of Hope. I’ve been with the school for fifteen years and it is a delight when I see students progress to higher education.  Five of our students are pursuing their dreams to gain a technical qualification at university and build a better life for themselves and their families.

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  76. Turbulent economic times causing EFTC 2020 funding shortfall


    Our school has grown tenfold since its inception sixteen years ago. This is both inspiring and challenging as we strive to meet our ever increasing costs. This year, sterling continues to suffer from uncertainty and is at levels significantly below the average since we have been active in Guatemala.

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  77. Andy’s journey of discovery


    My first involvement with Education for the Children (EFTC) started over four years ago, when my friend Louise, Sponsor coordinator at the School of Hope in Jocotenango, Guatemala, introduced me to the organisation. She told me all about the fantastic work that EFTC is doing and asked me if I’d like to get involved by sponsoring a child. His name is Rafael and from the first photos of the School of Hope, my life has been enriched by the children, staff, volunteers, sponsors and everyone I have met.

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  78. An internship at EFTC


    I really recommend it to anyone interested in the nonprofit world, Central America, education issues and/or improving their Spanish. It’s so hard to leave once you have made a connection with the pupils, staff and the country but you will come away feeling empowered and ready to spread the word of EFTC and continue making a difference wherever you find yourself next.

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  79. 9 years of dedicated work


    Mrs Bibi has been working at The School of Hope for 9 years. She has always worked with the kindergarten children and has nothing but praise for the school and how it has grown over the years.

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  80. The London Marathon - Carla’s Story


    Carla had the opportunity to run in the 2019 London Marathon for the Education for the Children Foundation and the School of Hope in Jocotenango, Guatemala.

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  81. World EFTC Day - celebrations around the globe


    On Thursday 7th March our wonderful network of supporters came together to celebrate World EFTC Day! From dinner parties to a ping pong challenge, scavenger hunts, Facebook fundraisers, and bake sales, every corner of the globe hosted brilliant events to raise vital funds and celebrate the global EFTC community!

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  82. Graduation 2018


    Yet again a ceremony of mixed emotions. Our graduations are a time for both celebration and reflection.

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  83. Serving our one millionth meal


    The School of Hope served it’s millionth meal today to our well deserving students, with the support of Greenyard UK.

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  84. Employing our first school nurse


    Celena has became the first nurse the school has ever had. She is also a fantastic example of perseverance, as Celena began her journey with the Foundation almost 10 years ago, when she enrolled in our middle school!

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  85. A new sports pitch - thanks to the UEFA Foundation


    Thanks to the generosity of UEFA the construction of EFTC´s all-weather Sports Pitch has been made possible. This Sports Pitch has been a dream of the Foundation for years and with the amazing donation of £32k from UEFA at the start of 2017 this dream has become a reality.

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  86. Guatemalan Ambassador helps raise funds for the School of Hope


    Guatemalan Ambassador to the UK, Señor Acisclo Valladares Molina helps raise funds for the School of Hope at this year's annual ball.

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  87. Cycling for a future: Wheels4life


    Thanks to the amazing supporters of the fantastic NGO, Wheels4Life, this year we received 50 new bicycles for our students.

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  88. Carlos Escalante, An Outstanding Student despite the odds


    “Even by helping only one person with their education, here in Guatemala, we are making a real difference”. Carlos Escalante.

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  89. Our volunteers are love in motion


    Each year EFTC receives over 150 volunteers. They vary in age, language, and nationality. Many of them are hopeful college students who come to trade textbooks for concrete experiences. While others are retired individuals happy for a chance to give back now that they have the time and opportunity.

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  90. Ana Lara: The Importance of Empowerment


    The task for our Youth Empowerment and Leadership Coordinator, Ana Lara, is to motivate our older students, to ‘empower’ them and teach them the skills that will help them overcome the many obstacles they will face in life.

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  91. Gracia Anderson's life changing experience in Guatemala


    For me going to Antigua Guatemala to volunteer at Proyecto La Esperanza was literally a life changing experience.

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  92. EFTC's Milk Campaign: 'MILK MATTERS'


    Most children grow up with a constant reminder from their parents: Drink your milk. This is not nearly the case of our children at The School of Hope, but you can help change that.

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  93. From Tikal to the School of Hope via Football Focus


    Paul Sanders, our guest blogger, taught maths for a very long time in the UK and this year he came down to Guatemala to meet his sponsor kids for the 1st time! He also worked on training math teachers and also worked closely with our junior high English teacher.

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  94. Home visits: Understanding the situations our children come from and the difficulties they face


    The objective of the home visits is to be able to monitor the current situation of each and every family our foundation supports. We assess their financial situation, the families health and the general environment of our students.

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  95. Aura Alvarez from student to teacher at the School of Hope


    Aura is one of our wonderful teachers at the School of Hope, working tirelessly to educate students from the same underprivileged background she once belonged to. We're so proud of Aura, who recently graduated from university, becoming a licensed teacher from kindergarten to high school!

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  96. José Ángel, the entrepreneurial student who started his own business


    José Ángel is one of our young entrepreneurs, a hard working student of Business Administration who runs his own Internet Cafe and dreams of becoming a successful businessman.

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  97. A Year Abroad at the School of Hope


    Lauren Martin, our guest blogger, is a Spanish and International Relations student from Scotland who chose to volunteer at the School of Hope for seven months as part of her Year Abroad, as she wanted to spend her time doing something worthwhile that would also help her gain experience in the NGO and development sector.

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  98. Our new Chef tackles malnutrition


    Even though Guatemala is very rich in natural resources, food availability is a serious problem. 24% of children under five are underweight and 46% suffer stunted growth. But this year, a new chef is helping us fight malnutrition at the School of Hope.

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  99. Sponsorship Stories: "if you can make a child smile, that’s priceless"


    A sponsor is more than someone far away supporting a child’s education, they can become mentors and friends, like Dave, Debbie and Fitzy, long-time EFTC supporters and child sponsors at the School of Hope.

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  100. How books can help us dream


    A new Reading programme was implemented this year at the School of Hope to encourage children's love of books and help them dream big. We talked to Jayra, our Reading teacher, to find out more.

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  101. The importance of our Further Education programme


    Meet Susana and Ana Laura, our Further Education team! The program is meant for students who graduate from the School of Hope and want to continue their education in high school and university, supporting them financially, emotionally and in their search for employment.

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  102. Meet our Scholarship students: Melvin is becoming a Doctor!


    Melvin, a 22 year old who's been with EFTC since 5th grade, is in his third year of Med School at one of the most prestigious universities in Guatemala. He's dreamed of being a doctor since he was five, and for that he commutes to the city everyday, spending up to 4 hours to get there and back.

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  103. Sophie’s Story: How did EFTC start?


    Sophie McKee is our current Foundation Director and one of EFTC’s founders, but the first time she came to Guatemala was 13 years ago, right after finishing High School, and what she discovered changed her life forever.

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  104. UK Volunteer starts after school programme


    Tam Winter, a volunteer from the UK, shares his experience at the School of Hope and how he contributed to the school's programme.

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  105. Fitness blogger fundraises for EFTC’s London to Paris bike ride


    “Never say you can't do something! If you set your mind to it you can do it. It's hard work but it will pay off in the end.” These are the words of Instagram health and fitness blogger JoLo, known to thousands as a young woman with a highly toned body and a love of good food.

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  106. Tech company creates new opportunities for underprivileged children


    Hide My Ass!, a UK based internet company, has been instrumental in providing access to the internet to disadvantaged children in Guatemala, therefore creating better employment opportunities for them in the future.

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  107. Water everywhere and not a drop to drink...?


    Far from Jocotenango, where great black clouds are threatening a downpour at any moment, experts in global water issues gathered in Stockholm for World Water Week, August 23rd-28th.

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  108. Children answer volunteer's questions


    Every time I heard my name from the other side of the playground and someone rushed towards me, wrapped a bracelet around my wrist or tattooed my arms all over with pen "te amo's" (I love you), I grew a little bit more attached to the wonderful children at the School of Hope.

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  109. Boxes of love arrive at the School of Hope!


    This year, for the second time, the School of Hope received the Christmas boxes of love thanks to the help of a wonderful organisation called Cajas del Amor.

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  110. New computers arrive at the School of Hope!


    The IT campaign ran on Indiegogo in August was 100% funded! We were able to purchase 14 reconditioned computers to equip a study room for our 120 Scholarship students, as well as 20 flat screens to replace the old deep screen monitors here at the School of Hope. All this happened thanks to your support!

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  111. Amy's Q6 Challenge


    Amy Holly, who has been with EFTC for 6 years, is leaving the Foundation in August to pursue other opportunities. Before she leaves, she is doing one final challenge for the Foundation. Amy will be living on 6 Quetzales a day ($0.75) for a week - which is how much an average EFTC beneficiary lives on.

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  112. Community Spirit!


    Aracely Chajon (Head of Social Support at The School of Hope) -Working at Education for the Children Foundation means a lot to me; being part of the change in my country represents the opportunity to build a better future for the current generation in Guatemala.

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  113. Supporter Story: Rosanne


    Taking a six month sabbatical from her job in London in the summer of 2012 was both daunting and invigorating for Rosanne.

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  114. Q & A with Cindy


    We put your burning questions to Cindy, our first graduate to become a child sponsor, at The School of Hope in Guatemala.

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  115. Meet Evelyn and Her Brothers…


    My name is Evelyn Azucena. I’m 14 years old. My older brother is a scholarship student and I have two younger brothers at the school too; Kevin and Juan Carlos. I don’t have any sisters.

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  116. Doorway to the Future - John Niland


    The buzz was palpable. Arriving at the school for opening day, I walked into scenes of eager preparation: PA being tested, key speakers rehearsing, all the scurry of preparation and anticipation.

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