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2021 Technology Appeal


2020 was an incredibly tough year for students all over the globe. Many young people have been forced to study alone at home without the support of teachers or interaction with their peers. The situation is even worse for those who live in crowded housing, with limited or no access to technology or the internet, as is the case for the majority of our students in Guatemala.  The image of our university students painstakingly typing out entire essays on old mobile phones provoked us to act. 

This year our aim is to ensure that all of our 225 further education students in high school or university have laptops of their own so they can access the online learning provided by their institutions. This is essential as the majority of education institutions across Guatemala move to a hybrid model from January. It will also enable our students to keep in touch with our social support staff to access EFTC’s essential well-being advice and career guidance services.

We also want to equip our older students aged 13-16 with locally-purchased tablets so that they can access online learning from home via low cost internet providers.

We are thrilled to have already received 131 laptops with special thanks to our corporate partners Experian, SJP and Fluent Money. As well as successfully securing a grant to cover the cost of internet modems and a webcam and microphone for recording lessons. 

Technology will give our students equal access to education, putting them on a level-playing field with their peers and giving them essential skills to compete in an increasingly digitized job market. 

If you/your organization would like to help us close the #digitaldivide our Foundation Manager would love to hear from you - contact

Alternatively you can donate directly here.