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9 years of dedicated work


Mrs Bibi has been working at The School of Hope for 9 years. She has always worked with the kindergarten children and has nothing but praise for the school and how it has grown over the years.

She started at the school in 2011 after working in a private school for 2 years where she saw how many more opportunities those children had from the beginning. That’s why she thinks it is so important that EFTC offers a quality education alongside the medical, nutritional and psychological services because it means they can get the best start in life.

Over the years Bibi has seen the school go from strength to strength and mentioned that the biggest change for her has been the direct and specialised attention that each child now receives whether that be educational, medically or psychologically. She also mentioned the scholarship department as a vital part of the ongoing support that EFTC provides to its students.  

Bibi really is an indispensable part of our school as she provides the building blocks for our very youngest students. In her words the main challenge of the job, which is “chaotic but very gratifying,” is to “ensure each child falls in love with education and learning.” She recognises that many of our students come from extreme poverty, aren’t accustomed to rules and do not follow even the most basic of hygiene standards. So a big part of Bibi’s job is introducing basic life skills when they first enter the school. She also tries to encourage the children to start dreaming about their futures and knows that school should be a “refuge: a safe, happy and free place.”

“Education is a tool to break the cycle of poverty. It is not just about learning to read and write but also to teach them about social skills and that they should think in short and long term goals.”

Mrs Bibi was the first teacher to be involved with the bilingual grades and has followed a group of kids through the programme. Now some of those students have been examined under the International Cambridge English Exam and achieved a good level. It is easy to see how proud Bibi felt as she told us this story and how important English skills are for the students to open doors and help them find jobs.

If she could buy anything for her class, it would me more hands-on materials for maths and reading classes. “We need more books for kindergarten level because we have read all of the ones we have.” She also said with a smirk, knowing that almost every teacher would say the same, that she would love to have an individual class projector and speakers as they would completely transform the classroom.  

Thanks for all your hard work Mrs Bibi!