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A Place Of Metamorphosis At The School of Hope


Over the years at The School of Hope, we have had many positive experiences that have filled our hearts with joy.   We have also had sad times when, as a community, we have had to say goodbye to students who took their flight before their time. To remember those gone far too soon, our Social Services team came up with a brilliant idea, to create a new space for students and staff to reflect and take time to say goodbye...

Our Director of Social Services, Aracely, shared with us the reason for creating this space:


Last year two beloved students passed away. This had a great impact on us, so as a team we planted flowers in their honor.  Little by little the process of a cozy garden started, but something was missing...and so we began the creation of our Butterfly Mural. 


The Social Services team planned and created this space.

The main inspiration for the mural were the students that passed away. Students took part in an art workshop where they discussed topics such as grief while learning painting techniques. Many of our staff members also joined in.

For us, it was important that students and staff understood that grief, honoring life and expressing our feelings helps us heal. It was amazing to see how involved they were in the process. Our Director Aracely shares with us:

"Students knew that this was for their friends, they were very respectful and enthusiastic about creating this healing space, a special spot where they can remember them."

9th grade students

Wonderful things have happened at this newly inaugurated space.  It has been used as a place of reflection and meditation. Even the mothers and fathers of the students, who are continuing the work to heal their grief, actively participate in taking care of the garden. It has become a therapeutic place for everyone.


This special space was made possible thanks to the generosity of the sponsors of one of the students who passed away far too soon.