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An Ending Still To Be Written


Next summer it will be 20 years since the Education For The Children was formed and we started working with the people of Jocotenango. In the beginning our aim was, and still is to this day, to support the children of Jocotenango in defining successful futures for themselves.

Over the years hundreds of supporters and EFTC staff from across Europe, the USA and Guatemala have created hope, expectation and success where, before, there was none. From the poverty-stricken hillsides of Jocotenango, have emerged fully educated young men and women who are graduating and holding down professional careers with salaries and benefits instead of defeated and exploited manual workers.

At the end of this week, in preparation for next year’s 20th celebrations, we will meet up with nearly 100 alumni who are the living proof of the success of our foundation. However, there is a cloud that currently blights our opportunity for continuing success.

During 2022, we have watched a series of world and domestic events unfold one after another with a combination of fear, bewilderment and dread. The Ukraine war and its resulting energy crisis, spiralling food prices and all of the consequences on inflation and the global cost of living. Here in the UK , a chaotic political landscape has influenced a huge drop in the value of sterling.

The consequences of this combination of events for EFTC are dramatic. Inflation is at 10%. Sterling value against the dollar and Quetzal is down 16% from last year. Even if we raise the same in 2023 as we have in 2022, there are no inflation increases and we must cut services by $99,000.

I am appealing to supporters, old and new to get in touch with me personally,, if there is anyone or any organisation that would be willing to talk to us about funding any of the shortfalls – whether it be a few hundred dollars or a few thousand.

Together, we have been through so much in the last 19 years. Our faith, confidence and drive are unbreakable. We must succeed and we will. We know the ending is not yet written but we hope that our network will once again prove itself strong and step up for the students of Guatemala.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our situation as we head into 2023. The video below explores further the issues we face. 

Dave McKee