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Aura Alvarez from student to teacher at the School of Hope


Aura is one of our wonderful teachers at the School of Hope, working tirelessly to educate students from the same underprivileged background she once belonged to. We're so proud of Aura, who recently graduated from university, becoming a licensed teacher from kindergarten to high school!

Aura joined the foundation in 2005, when she started school again after dropping out for a few years. Because of that, she had to start in 5th grade at age 14 and since then, the foundation has supported her studies, and she's been working as a teacher at the School of Hope for the past three years.

Aura in class

Now she's married and has just graduated from one of the most prestigious universities in Guatemala, Universidad Rafael Landívar, but things never came easy for Aura. Her father died 8 years ago and when she was 16, she started living with her first boyfriend. But at university she met someone else and recently got married: “I feel happy with my husband because it's different from my first relationship. When I went to live with my first boyfriend it was basically because I was running away from home”.

She also received psychological counseling from the Foundation: "They have always supported me and even though my life has been hard and I've had more responsibilities than most people my age, I've always kept a clean record at school”.

"Even though I've had more responsibilities than most people my age, I've always kept a clean record at school.”

Aura was determined to get an education and when the foundation opened middle school she continued her studies until graduation. At her short age, she had to work and study at the same time, but she was always the first of her class. After graduating middle school, she became a scholarship student and studied Pedagogy and Psychology in high school for the next three years.

I decided to study to become a teacher because during my childhood, many teachers ruined my educational experience at school through their traditional way of teaching. They thought that they could educate children by hitting them, for example. So I decided I wanted to change the way in which many children were educated in Guatemala”.

She was able to enter a prestigious private university and in July 2016, Aura graduated with a Teaching Degree in Pedagogy and Psychology that enables her to teach students from middle school to high school

"I decided I wanted to change the way in which many children were educated in Guatemala”.

I feel proud of myself because I got all the help in the world, but I also put a lot of effort to accomplish my goals. It's important for me to be an example of perseverance for my family, especially for my little brothers and sisters”, says Aura with a smile. When asked about her goals, she talks about continuing her studies: “My husband and I would like to study Chemistry and Biology together at Universidad de San Carlos. I really like numbers and I have always been interested in studying sciences”.

But that's not the only one: “my next purpose in life is to become a mom, that’s my priority now,” and when she says that we know that she will be able to change the lives of future generations with her sweet smile and determination.