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Boxes of love arrive at the School of Hope!


This year, for the second time, the School of Hope received the Christmas boxes of love thanks to the help of a wonderful organisation called Cajas del Amor.

Boxes being unloaded for children

Cajas del Amor give out empty boxes in November, which are being picked up by generous and loving families in Guatemala. The families then fill the boxes with food, gifts and love and return to Cajas del Amor, who in December distribute these beautiful Christmas gifts to families in need in different parts of the country.

Yesterday around 9.30 in the morning a big truck and 2 vans filled with Cajas del Amor arrived at the School of Hope! A team of volunteers and staff worked hard unloading 325 boxes which soon filled the side of the school patio. At 11am, our students and families arrived at the school and we all shared some delicious cake and fresh juice drink.

Each family received a box filled with nutritious food, gifts and a lot of love! Some families put a lot of effort in decorating the boxes, there were extra gifts attached to a few boxes and one even came with a bicycle!

It was a wonderful day for everyone at the School of Hope, we want to say a huge thank you to Cajas del Amor, to all families who participated in this incredible initiative and filled the boxes with gifts and also a huge thank you to everyone who was here to help and celebrate together!