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Community Spirit!


Aracely with students

Aracely Chajon (Head of Social Support at The School of Hope)

Working at Education for the Children Foundation means a lot to me; being part of the change in my country represents the opportunity to build a better future for the current generation in Guatemala.

I’m in charge of coordinating psychological care, families living conditions, healthcare, food and nutrition and also developing the community through empowerment.

I feel very lucky to be able to guide students in different areas of their development: physical, psychological and social.

At the Foundation, I carry out lots of home visits, follow up and support health issues, contact foundations or organizations that help with surgeries, help with food when a family is having difficulties, support individuals through legal processes, coordinate housing repairs and many other things.

I talk to each member of the family and listen to their difficulties before working together with them to find the right solution to their problem.

I feel very proud when I look at the difference from the beginning of a situation to the end result; when I see the happiness and the effort the families have made that makes me feel that everything the Foundation is doing is really worthwhile.