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Congratulations Jackelyn


As we near the end of the year we’re focusing on next year’s 20th anniversary celebrations. With 20 years of students that have passed through our doors, we have thousands of names, faces and aspirations that are forever held in our hearts. Some of the students that have been with us since they were small are now adults and truly represent what the mission of La Escuela La Esperanza stands for. One of them, Jackelyn, has just graduated after studying to be a radiography technician.

Jackelyn’s story is typical of many of our students, she arrived at school with many social and economic hurdles in her way which, without the support of the foundation she would have been unlikely to overcome.

With the care of our teachers and psychology team, Jackelyn was able to open up and realise the potential that we all knew was within her. Starting in 7th grade her initial dream was to become a teacher, but as she studied in the Basico level she faced many personal hardships that resulted in her having to leave her home and be cared for by the foundation for over two years.

Jackelyn was determined to overcome significant difficulties and she received her middle school diploma and won a hard fought scholarship to become a laboratory technician.

Her educational prowess and experience enabled our careers guidance team to work with her to obtain a job in "Hospicio San José", which in turn helped her to become independent. Jackelyn has lived most of her life by herself as she has not had help from her parents since she was a young child.

She returned to the foundation in 2020, and with the support of Patty, Head of Scholarship and her team she started in 2020 to study for an X-Ray degree. She completed the course in three years, whilst also working full time. She graduated from Galieo Galilei university and as you can see, our Head of Scholarship, Patty could not be more proud. Jackelyn has just been successful in finding full-time work.

Jackelyn’s story shows just how every element of our programming: from healthy meals, emotional counselling, careers guidance, resume preparation, tailored educational programming to healthcare provision - the list goes on and on. Our support is bespoke because, as individuals every student’s story is different.

Over 20 years there have been thousands of Jackelyns and we hope, in our future, thousands more. We salute her success and wish her good luck, as she defines her own future to save the lives of others.