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Covid-19 Cases Rise And We Respond


Covid-19 cases continue to rise in Guatemala with 23,248 confirmed and 947 deaths confirmed as of Monday 6 July. The School of Hope remains closed and we remain committed to the nourishment, well-being and education of our students.

For the fifth emergency food hamper distribution we gave out all 385 hampers over three days. This month the pace of distribution was purposely slowed to allow even stricter social distancing with our staff and the families collecting food. There are cases of Covid-19 in the Jocotenango area and our families cannot rely on easy access to healthcare and medicines. We double down on all precautions to keep everyone safe.

In addition to the food and preventative supplies, we gave out flyers with updated medical advice. Our families live in very small, multigenerational houses, so we also gave advice on preventing the spread of the virus at home should a family member become ill. We also provided emergency numbers and practical steps families can take if someone in their home tests positive.

Hamper Contents
- 3 lbs of whole beans
- 2 lbs of corn flour
- 2 litres of powdered juice mix
- 2 lbs of powdered milk
- 1 bag of cereal
- 1 lb of sugar
- 2 lbs. of oatmeal
- 1 lb of incaparina
- 3 lbs of rice
-1 litre of oil
- 3 lbs of pasta
- 2 packages of tomato sauce
- 1 dozen eggs
- 5 instant soups
- Disinfectant
- Hand soap
- Hand sanitizer