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Deck The Halls Of The School Of Hope


Help us deck the halls of The School of Hope this festive season. Throughout the month of December we will be opening 12 doors into the everyday life of our students and staff. You’ll meet people like Celena EFTC graduate and school nurse , our amazing kitchen staff, Michelle school psychologist, local bus drivers and of course, our students themselves.

To enable their students to grasp every opportunity available to them they need masks, medicines, a new printer, art supplies, bus fare and a whole host more. Across December we will be welcoming you into a different area of our school and introducing you to the people behind the scenes and what they need to make 2021 our best year ever.

Behind the door of:




Door 1

1st - 2nd

Our Supply closet

Door 2

3rd - 4th

Our School of Hope’s nurse's office

Door 3

5th - 6th

Our "Virtual" School Library

Door 4

7th - 8th

One of our 5th Grade classrooms

Door 5

9th - 10th

Our Further Education team’s office

Door 6

11th - 12th

One of our Administration offices

Door 7

13th - 14th

A School of Hope classroom

Door 8

15th - 16th

A Jocotenango home

Door 9

17th - 18th 

A Guatemalan bus

Door 10 

19th - 20th

The School of Hope’s kitchen

Door 11

21st - 22nd

Our pandemic response

Door 12

23rd - 24th

Our psychologist’s office

Help us reach our fundraising goal on each one of these twelve days to ensure the halls of our school are a warm and loving environment for our students to learn in 2021. Plus, if you’re wondering what to buy for the person who has everything, show you care by giving a gift in their name. You'll receive a festive gift voucher which explains the difference the donation will make to The School Of Hope's students. Visit 

To follow the campaign and take a peep behind each of the doors as we reveal them, follow us on social at: