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Donate Your Dinner for The School of Hope


If you are reading this with a snack in hand, how difficult was it for you to get it? We think nothing of grabbing a snack from the cupboard. hitting the drive thru or meeting friends for pizza. These simple luxuries are simply unthinkable for our School of Hope students.

According to the World Food Programme 50% of children under five in Guatemala suffer malnutrition which has a catastrophic impact on their health both cognitively and physically, stunting their growth and brain development. It is widely known that undernourishment and iron deficiency have long lasting effects into adulthood, especially given the disruption it can cause during developmental school years. Hungry and malnourished children often fail to engage with lessons, fall asleep, suffer from memory loss and experience behavioural issues. To that end, our nutrition programme is integral to our overall success as a school.

In 2018, 70% of our School of Hope students increased their BMI to a healthier level within 9 months of joining the school. We are hugely proud of our nutrition programme. Our on site nurse and school psychologist conduct regular health checks on students to keep track of their physical and mental health and well-being.

In 2020, our nutrition budget is underfunded by $2,894. And so, in the month running up to World EFTC Day on Thursday 19 March we’re asking you to #donateyourdinner to fund the shortfall. Whether you are reading this tucking into a sandwich or dining with a Michelin star, snap a pic and #donateyourdinner by visiting justgiving/campaign/donateyourdinner. Don't forgot to tag your friends in your post to spread the word.  

Your donation will ensure that we can continue to serve delicious snacks and meals to our students. Our team of kitchen staff work tirelessly every day to ensure that our students are not hungry, are ready to learn, play and be the feisty kids that they deserve to be.