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EFTC's Milk Campaign: 'MILK MATTERS'


Most children grow up with a constant reminder from their parents: Drink your milk. This is not nearly the case of our children at The School of Hope, but you can help change that.

Chronic malnutrition is a problem that affects 50% of Guatemalan children. The lack of access to the nutrition they need results in stunted growth, attention deficit, a weak immune system, reduced problem solving abilities, memory deficiency, and even reduced IQ scores. In general, the impact of this lack of access to the nutrition they need, results in a lowered ability to learn and grow for millions of Guatemalan children.

Milk drinking

Here at the School of Hope we work to combat this grave issue by providing our children with a hefty and nutritious snack as well as a balanced lunch. We serve 460 daily snacks and lunches to our primary and secondary school students.

Many of our students receive very little food at home, so school meals are vital for their well being and ability to focus during class. We know that the children we serve are getting the majority of their daily nutrition here in our school and we know how pivotal the nutrition they receive at the school is to their development and their future.

As part of this fight against malnutrition, this year we are raising funds to be able to keep providing the amount of milk our students need for the following year.

Milk is packed with many of the vitamins and minerals our students need, including B12 which is essential for neurological functions as well the growth and division of cells. This deficit can result in anemia, neurological disorders, as well as stunted growth and milk is the best source of it. Milk is also essential to the development of strong bones and muscles.

In 2017 our goal is to raise $1,000/‎£780 that will help us to provide milk to 460 children twice a month during the following 2018.