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Employing our first school nurse


At the School of Hope, Celena is one of the most sought after people. She just became the first nurse the school has ever had and is a fantastic example of perseverance. Celena began her journey with the Foundation almost 10 years ago when she enrolled in our middle school.

“I was 13 years old when I started my studies at the Foundation” says Celena, now 23 years old. “My life changed totally, I had never been away or far from home”.

EFTC supported her through her schooling and university degree and now Celena is giving back to the Foundation.

Unfortunately, most schools in Guatemala don’t have a nurse. We are lucky enough to have Celena working with us not just for scrapes and bruises but to develop a well rounded preventative health programme - something that is desperately needed by children from our students’ socio-economic backgrounds.

Celena is the perfect person to offer this much needed support. She is ambitious and works tirelessly. She is currently working full time at the school and continuing further university studies in her free time. Her two main goals are to improve students’ hygiene habits in school and to work closely with families from the Foundation to increase parents’ health education.

Celena’s face lights up whenever she talks about nursing.

“I love my job” says Celena, “because I get to care for people in pain, sometimes physical, other times emotional, and all they need is to be listened to.”

In nursing, Celena says you get to offer “the kind of care and attention people rarely get.”

We are lucky to have amazing graduates like Celena helping us grow. EFTC currently has over 200 students in our Further Education program, every single one working towards a brighter future.

“There are many children with dreams in the Foundation,” says Celena, “the one thing I would say to them is to not give up.”