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Every Day We’re Helping Students Work, Rest And Play


Last week was a fun packed adrenaline rush as we geared up and welcomed all 450 students through our doors. In week 2 we want to introduce to you a few new improvements that help our students, work, rest and play with not a chocolate bar in sight!

To help our scholarship students concentrate on their virtual studies we’ve added a fourth computer lab. Students can come and go as their schedule demands, taking online classes from their colleges and universities. They are also able to do research and assignments in a quiet space - something impossible at home as our students often live in a one room house with multiple generations of family members. Thanks to a technology fundraising campaign in 2021, all further education students now have the use of laptops and noise cancelling headphones. They now have a fighting chance to succeed.

Part of our ethos is that attending the School of Hope gives students the opportunity to relax. To disconnect from the difficulties of their home life, be that chores, work or lack of money, and connect with each other, their teachers and our social support staff.

Giving the brain and body periods of rest is a key focus of our holistic approach. When students know they are cared for it is amazing what they can achieve and the dreams that they build for themselves.

To help our younger students be energized for learning, shake off their sillies, and well, just be kids, our sports and recreation area has been fitted out with a play area. It’s just wonderful - swings, see-saws, a slide and climbing frames. We are so grateful to some of our most generous donors that we’ve been able to make the playground a reality.