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Every Student Back Every Day


This festive season, we're determined to raise $21,228 to get every student back into the classroom in January 2022.

Over 106,000 students have dropped out of school in Guatemala in 2021. We are determined that those studying at The School of Hope will not become a part of this statistic. Unfortunately our students can’t just ask Santa for what they need, so this year we are fundraising with the hope that our supporters will provide the teaching support and resources needed to get students back in the classroom each and every day.

Remote learning has been very difficult in Jocotenango, where most of our families live.  Without access to technology in the home and with many parents lacking basic educational skills to help students with homework, many students have fallen behind.

Guatemala is still in the grip of the pandemic with low vaccination rates and strict restrictions. To meet Covid-requirements to return to in-person learning, we will need to have 48 different classes of students in January, more than double pre-pandemic. We need to divide students into smaller classes, use outdoor space and rotating schedules so every student can come to school five days a week for the first time in 2 years.

Project Director, Sara Miller has been at the heart of the meticulous planning that will allow students to return in 2022.

‘Every single one of our students has their own hopes and dreams for the future. To you, they may seem fairly straightforward. But they can only be granted if these children are able to access in-person learning. That’s why we’re adapting every inch of our programming to make that return both possible and functional’.

Madelyn: I hope that we can have music class again.
Gustavo: I hope that we can have lunch at the school together again.
Lidia: I hope for a lot of food to eat!
Fernando: I hope for a book of my own to read.
Yostin: I hope to get to know the school and my teachers.
Yonatan: I hope to play football with my friends again.
Joshua: I hope to be able to finish my education.
Rebecca: I hope to be able to spend more time with my friends and teachers … and to have food every day.
Andrea: I hope to have a mathematics class in person and I hope to meet my sponsors.
Patricia: I hope I can celebrate Christmas at school with my friends again one day.
Alison: I hope to one day have a kitchen at home like we do at school.

These are just a handful of the nearly 700 voices who all have simple but essential needs. They want and need to be back at school. Learning, playing, receiving nutritious food and access to physical and mental health support.

And so this Christmas, Education For The Children too has a simple wish. That every single student will walk through our doors, every day, in 2022. If you’d like to donate to help that wish come true visit our 'Every Student Back Every Day' fundraising page. Every penny donated will go directly to the students in Guatemala.