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Feria de Emprendimiento


EFTC started October off strong!  

October 7th was the Entrepreneurship Fair.  The goal was to promote creativity, innovation and competition.  The students from 5 to 3 básico had a week to come up with their products, make them at home and present them.  The main guidelines were to come up with a product that had a positive environmental impact and something that could realistically be their future business.  They were given a list of questions they had to answer such as how much would the product cost to make and how much would they earn.  

During the fair, only 24 students were selected to present their projects to the judges and their fellow classmates.  At the end of the day 6 projects were selected as the winners due to their idea, execution of the product and answers to the questions.  Each winner was given a certificate and a bag of candy. 

All our students came up with great products!  Here are three highlights. 

Anyeli is in Primer Básico and she made two products, a paper organizer and a lamp.  She chose to make a lamp that is dimmer than the average lamp for a target audience of people with light sensitivity.  And she decided on making the paper organizer because she saw a need due to the pandemic.  During at home learning the students received many papers and take home packets.  She saw a lot of her classmates losing those papers and a paper organizer would be a useful solution for this problem.  

Maria is in Tercero Básico and she named her product Capito de Hielo.  She made little dogs created out of yarn.  The dogs could either be used as keychains or are decoration.  She chose this product because she hasn’t seen anything like it at the market, and thought that would make the demand for her product higher.  And most of her materials were recycled. 


Fervin is in Segundo Básico and made a fan for his product.  He wanted a product that would challenge him.  Fervin used the fan he has in his house as a model to create this one.  He took the one he has at home apart to learn the mechanics  of it in order to make his own. 

Our education department is always planning activities to engage and challenge our students! Stay tuned for the next thing they come up with! Follow us @eftcfoundation on your favourite social channel for updates on everything our students are doing. 

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