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From Student To Stylist....Elias' Journey


Elias' journey epitomizes Education For The Children’s reason for existing. Our overall aim is to provide support to students, enabling them to pursue their dreams and ultimately no longer need us.

Elias' started with The School of Hope in 2nd Grade, back in 2009. In his words, he believes that within the foundation he has grown from a little kid into a man. It is due to the care, patience and love the teachers gave him at The School of Hope, he grew both in knowledge and in confidence. 

He has always felt supported and has been sponsored throughout his educational journey. And that sponsorship over the years has provided much needed practical support. When he was started in Primary School the foundation funded a housing build project and a group of EFTC volunteers built his family home. 

And, in 2019, as he started his Graphic Design Degree at Universidad Da Vinci de Guatemala our partners Project Apoyo funded a DSLR camera to enable him to complete practical assignments.

Elias is now in his penultimate, 4th year of university and in March he made his goal of owning a business a reality. We’ve once again worked with Project Apoyo to enable Elias to open a barber shop on the same street as our third entrepreneur, Adolfo's ice cream shop. 

Elias has used the skills learned on his university course to produce a brand identity, signage and promotional material for his ‘Top Man’ barber shop. He’s getting the word out on social too - why not follow Elias? 

Top Man barber shop is the 4th Entrepreneurship Project funded by Project Apoyo. Renting and fitting out the building has not been an easy process. Elias' resilience and creativity, and all the life-skills he has learned at The School of Hope since 2nd grade, have enabled him to accomplish this goal. We are so proud of his achievements.