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Further Education


Further Education is inaccessible in the Jocotenango area due to the high cost of tuition, travel, uniforms and books. We support 220 students, funding tuition fees and covering any additional costs for required materials, uniform or equipment. We also offer trade courses to students seeking specific training in order to grow professionally and who want to specialize after high school. Our aim is to give our students equality to their peers. 

We aim to tackle every obstacle along the way including careers advice and academic guidance, life skills, psychological support, job fairs and work experience. We provide a dedicated Higher Education computer room onsite at the School of Hope, which students can access whenever they want.

In 2020 we had to adapt all of the services we offer to address the new needs and limitations brought by the pandemic.  Communication was key as all our further education students are supported in external organizations. The students were supported via phone mentoring support, enabling access to virtual learning and one-two-one needs assessment. 

Incredibly, in the face of such a tough year, two of our students graduated from university, both with Associates Degree in Education and Psychology.  85 students completed a high school year with a pass rate of 91.8%. Our high school graduation rate was 87.5%. This is truly extraordinary when compared with education statistics for Guatemala, especially given that many of our students are first generation learners and come from backgrounds where illiteracy is the norm.