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Global Golf Day FAQs


On 9 July, grab a friend or three, play your local course and help us raise $11,500 to provide vital medicines for our most vulnerable students. This year, we challenge you to play a round locally and donate what you would have spent in the 19th hole to reach our $11,500 target. Here's all you need to know:


Q: What is the Global Golf Day and how does it work?
A: With all EFTC events either postponed or cancelled we had the idea that, now supporters can have a game of golf, you can combine a round with raising much needed funds. Simply play a round of golf on a course local to you, either on your own or with three friends as a 4 ball. Submit your scorecard to us and then join the zoom prize giving, hosted by Soccer's Dean Saunders, to see if you are a winner. Simple.


Q: How do I enter?
A: Follow the link and donate. We'll then contact you with all you need to submit your scorecard and join the zoom prizegiving.


Q: How much does it cost?
A: Suggested donation is $50 per player and don’t forget to add Gift Aid if applicable.


Q: How will you know I’ve donated?
A: You must leave your name and allow us to see your email address so we can contact you.


Q: After I donated what happens next?
A: A member of the EFTC team will be in touch with further details.


Q: What are the funds going towards?
A: Our annual medical programme which costs $11,500.  In 2019, 117 students received medical support and 32 of these have long term conditions such as epilepsy, neurological conditions and ADHD. Throughout the pandemic we've continued to provide emergency medical support to our 385 School of Hope families, but with our event income evaporating this is something that is at real risk so we're determined this event will ensure the continuation of the programme.


Q: When do I play?
A: July 9 2020


Q: What if I can’t play on July 9?
A: As long as you submit your scorecard by midday July 10 you could play another day.


Q: Is it a 4 Ball or a singles competition?
A: Either. All players are entered into the singles competition.


Q: What are the golfing rules?
A: Team members are automatically entered into the singles as well as the team event. It will be full handicap stableford singles and 9/10ths stableford for the team event. The team event will be the best two scores to count.


Q: Do I have to play as a 4 Ball?
A: No, you play a round on you own and enter the individual competition


Q: Can I play an individual competition?
A: Yes, everyone is entered into the individual competition, even if they are a team of 4.


Q: Can I join another team?
A: Yes of course, if someone has space you can join to make a team of 4


Q: Can I invite friends to host a team?
A: Absolutely yes. We encourage you to get in touch with all your golfing friends and encourage them to join us.


Q: If I have membership at a club, do I have to play on that Course?
A: No, if you would rather join friends on their course this is fine. You will be responsible for any green fee though.


Q: What if I’m not a member of a Golf Club?
A: Find a club that allows non members to play.


Q: Can I have a beer on the way round?
A: Most important question and yes of course!


Q: Are there Mulligans and if so how much are they?
A: Yes, they are an extra $5 per mulligan and maximum of 2.


Q: How do I buy Mulligans
A: Via the same link as entry. just add it to your donation and let us know. If you have already donated then make another and itemise it as Mulligan with your name.


Q: How do you know I’ve played my Mulligan?
A: Mark the hole you use it with a M


Q: How do you know I will only use the Mulligans I’ve paid for?
A: We trust you. This is a fun day to raise money for EFTC.


Q: How do I submit my scorecard?
A: At the end of play, take a photo of your scorecard, making sure the scores are clearly visible and email to


Q: Is there a time I have to submit my scorecard by?
A: Yes, please submit by midday on July 10


Q: Are there competition prizes?
A: Yes, first, second, third


Q: Are there any other prizes?
A: Yes - Best team photo. Loudest Trousers. Shortest Shorts. Best Dressed Golfer (object is to beat Kev McMenamin). Hole in One. Best photo/video recreation of Seve Ballesteros' moment of glory at the 1984 Open on the Old Course at St Andrews, Scotland.


Q: Is there a yellow ball comp this year?
A:No, not this year. Thank goodness I hear you say, who knew what that was all about anyway.


Q: Is there a prize giving event?
A: Yes. Friday 10 July via zoom at 10am GT / 1pm EST / 6pm UK  hosted by former Liverpool, Aston Villa and Wales soccer legend, Dean Saunders - the link will be circulated to all participants. Let’s face it we are all zoom experts now!


Q: Is there an Auction?
A: Yes during the prize giving event on Friday July 10. The Auction will also be run in advance of the night as a Silent Auction with an opportunity to bid ahead of the zoom event.  We will start the bidding at the prize giving with the highest silent bid.


Q: I have another question?
A: Really? :) Please email