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Gracia Anderson's life changing experience in Guatemala


For me going to Antigua Guatemala to volunteer at Proyecto La Esperanza was literally a life changing experience!

Though the contrasts between the touristic areas of Antigua and the reality most of the children from the school live in is so deeply contrasting and touching, it is clear that the project is empowering these children through education and other resources available so the children can be successful and aspire a different life than the one they are currently living in.

Gracia Anderson volunteer

Personally I volunteered with the 5th graders. You can definitely see the desire to learn in these children. They want to connect, they want to be cared for and empowered as any child does.

Gracia with Volunteer Co-ordinator Sara

Some of these children are so tender and willing to be vulnerable, that this was very very touching to me. I also liked how genuine these children are, despite the issues they are facing. They are so resilient and it reminded me that they might be financially poor, and yes this might adversely effect other areas and situations they face at home, but more than anything they are children- resilient children who are fighting against all these adversities to live and to become.

Students at School of Hope Guatemala

These children have a lot to teach us about life and the joy they welcome volunteers with regardless of what they are going through.

I hope as volunteers we are willing to learn such lessons that we can take with us wherever we go, and in doing that taking a little bit of them with us as well.

Students in Guatemala