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Help Graduate Students Fulfill Their Dreams


Hi, I’m Patricia Castillo, Further Education Director at The School of Hope. I’ve been with the school for fifteen years and it is a delight when I see students progress to higher education.  Five of our students are pursuing their dreams to gain a technical qualification at university and build a better life for themselves and their families.

They’re all such lovely young people with bright futures on the horizon. Let me introduce them:

• Marvin is studying Architecture. He also teaches gardening classes to our younger students, maintains the garden and coordinates the volunteers

• Indira is studying Graphic Design. She has designed gorgeous murals in our scholarship room and new computer lab

• Jackeline is one of seven children and is studying for her degree in Marketing and Communications at the University of San Carlos

• Elias is studying Architecture and plans to open his own business someday. In 2017, he spent much of his free time maintaining and repainting our patios

• Maria is studying Architecture. She is a very talented artist and has loved drawing since an early age

Here at The School of Hope our further education programme covers the cost of tuition fees, uniforms, transport and study materials . It gives students from disadvantaged backgrounds access to opportunities that would otherwise be impossible. But these students need specialist technological equipment, that isn't covered by their sponsorship.  Access to technology is vital and without this equipment, they could be forced to drop-out. And that would be heart-breaking.

We have a constant need to be able to support students who choose to pursue a technical qualification such as Graphic Design and Architecture. Taking the challenge head-on, our drive to raise funds is underway to fund digital cameras and laptops costing around $1,300 per student.

If you would be able to make a donation to enable students studying technical qualifications to continue their studies, please donate today, contact us on +1-907-888-9171  or email