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Introducing Our New Head Of Education


We are delighted to introduce to you, Andrea Figueroa, our new Head of Education at The School of Hope. With over ten years experience in educational programming and curriculum development at some of the most prestigious institutions in Guatemala City, we know that the School of Hope is in good hands. We caught up with Andrea to find out more about what inspired Andrea to join the foundation and what makes her happy when she’s not transforming our students’ futures:

Hi Andrea, it’s a pleasure to meet you. So tell me, why did you apply for a role with EFTC Foundation.

I was looking for a new challenge and as soon as I read the job description I thought ‘That’s Me!’. Through working in Guatemala City for the last ten years, I’d become aware of the amazing programmes the foundation provides for students that cannot afford to pay for their schooling. The opportunity to be part of that work was so exciting.

So tell me about where you grew up?

I am originally from Guatemala City which is the capital of Guatemala and a very hectic place. I currently live in a town right outside of Antigua and I really like the way of life here, it is very peaceful.

What are you looking forward to in your first few months of working for the foundation?

I’m so excited to have a role where every action I take can benefit my country. I also hope I will be able to grow professionally, creating a more developed curriculum and students that are ready to take on the world in whatever they choose! I already love the Foundation after only 6 weeks working here!

And when you get a chance to have some down-time away from work?

Professionally I am a super-organized project manager. So in my down-time I love to let out my creative side. I enjoy reading a good book, my favourite authors are Amalia Andrade (from Colombia), Julio Zelaya and Miguel Ángel Asturias (from Guatemala). I love painting pottery and glass, and doing abstract oil paintings. Time with my daughter is also what I enjoy the most, we love to cook Guatemalan cookies and cakes together.

Thank you so much for your time Andrea and wishing you loads of luck and happiness in your new role.