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Little Learners' Literacy Lift


According to the March 2021 World Bank report, 71 percent of students in Latin America and the Caribbean in lower secondary education may not be able to understand a text of moderate length. Before the pandemic, the figure was 55 percent. That stark jump means that our literacy focus is more important than ever.

At The School of Hope, the pandemic has stalled progress amongst students between kindergarten and 3rd grade. Our incoming 2022 3rd graders had just started 1st grade in 2020 and with no literacy base developed prior to learning from home, they and their successors are falling behind. The Guatemalan government’s fluctuating restrictions means that remote learning will continue for months so we’ve had to get creative to ensure we reach each and every student.

Thanks to Project Apoyo we’ve developed a mobile library for 1st-6th grade. Their amazing book donations mean that our students are enjoying these amazing books. From classic fairy tales, non-fiction stories about important people in Guatemala and across the globe, books on values, and even books on cyber safety that have become increasingly important with students using more technology at home.

The program includes kits with the appropriate reading level per student, reading comprehension questions, and guides so that families can learn to give extra support to their children.

We love seeing our students motivated to read and inspired to learn. If you’d like to donate to the mobile library we’d to have you add some more books to our collection.