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Marvellous Murals


You may recognize Indira from our Stories of Strength series on Facebook. She’s one of many determined older students’ who rose to the challenge in lockdown. In her case, contacting school with a list of questions from all her younger relatives and getting a response from every teacher, so the students could finish their homework. As you can guess she’s not one to shirk from a challenge. When she was unable to attend university for the third year of Graphic Design, she and fellow university student Cristian, who is in the fourth year of Business Administration, set to work on the walls of The School of Hope.

Our original plan, pre-pandemic, was to raise funds and quickly whitewash the walls, out of hours, to give them a facelift. But talented Indira and Cristian had much bigger plans than a simple swish of paint.

They designed the project from start to finish, created the budget and directed parents and staff who helped with the less technical painting. Their passion and talent in art and design has enabled them to produce a wonderful flowing set of murals that surround the classrooms and courtyards with colour and cheer.

The murals reflect the spirit of Guatemala and the ethos of the foundation. The project has given Indira and Cristian a reason to leave their house a couple of days a week, creating structure to their weeks and months as all of their classes are virtual. This labour of love is nearing completion and we are so proud of them.