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Math is More than Just Numbers


Imagine… you’re a teenager, summer is about to start and you come up with a math program for underserved kids in Guatemala.


Gunner and Brian, wearing basketball shorts and t-shirts, walk into the School of Hope ready to start their two week math program for 5th and 6th grade students.  They chose math because it is their best subject, and math can be a way to teach logic, reasoning, problem solving and life skills. 

The two teenage boys saw the need for math support in younger students because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the poor school system in Guatemala.  They wanted to be part of the change moving forward, giving students as many opportunities to succeed as possible.  The two came up with a two hour after school math course for a small group of students, with a format of adapting to the needs of everyone involved.   


In June of 2022, Gunner and Brian led a two week after school math program for 10 of our students.  The students were selected to be part of this program because of their passion for math and their excitement to be part of an afterschool program.  We haven’t been able to hold any after school programming for over two years due to COVID-19.  


This math program started off with an aptitude test.  The average score was 39%, with the highest score being a 19 out of 35 and the lowest score being 12 out of 35.  After Gunner and Brian understood the level the students were at, they made sure to match the curriculum to their needs.  The two weeks consisted of fun lessons and games, covering multiple units of a 5th/6th grade math class.  

At the end of the two weeks they gave the students another aptitude test, seeing how much they learned throughout the course.  The average score rose to 69% with the highest score being a 29 out of 33 and the lowest score being a 17.5 out of 33.  

Overall the students increased 77% between the two test scores!


EFTC is lucky to work with people dedicated to helping vulnerable communities. Thank you Gunner and Brian for bringing your skills and heart to our school, and helping our students learn better math skills and so much more.