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Meet Evelyn and Her Brothers…


The family of young students in Central America

My name is Evelyn Azucena. I’m 14 years old. My older brother is a scholarship student and I have two younger brothers at the school too; Kevin and Juan Carlos. I don’t have any sisters.

We all live together with our mum on Vista Hermosa - in one of the highest houses right up on the cliffside. In the morning I wake up at about half past 6. My mum makes us breakfast whilst I get my little brother Juan Carlos ready for school. It’s his first year at school.

After breakfast, I set off on the walk to school with my four brothers. It’s hard to come to school when it’s raining because it gets slippery outside. One time we fell over and had to go back home to change our clothes. Other times we haven’t been able to go to school because of the rain. We never know when the weather’s going to change. It’s a problem now even more when it rains because Juan Carlos can get ill. He has asthma and if he gets wet it’s bad for him.

To start with, Juan Carlos didn’t want to come to school! But now the days are flying past, he really likes it.  Juan Carlos has lots and lots of new friends.

I couldn’t tell you what his favourite thing about school is; he likes everything about it! He’s learning English and knows, ‘good morning’, ‘I’m sorry’, ‘thank you’... things like that. He says it at home too! Sometimes he hits someone and after he’ll say ‘sorry’!

I’m in my second year of secondary education. The hardest thing in secondary school is learning English. Most of my classmates and I don’t understand it so we have to keep practising and practising. We’re learning about verbs like ‘run’. I like English but it’s very difficult too!

We get more homework in secondary school. It’s ok to do it at home, sometimes Juan Carlos wants to play and distracts me, but only sometimes. We have three rooms in our house; two are bedrooms and the other is where the table is. I do my homework in there, in the kitchen. Some days I do it outside where there’s a little table. It’s difficult because I have to help my mum but I have my homework to do too.

If you’ve never been to the school, you should know it’s really fun here! At break times we play and after go back to the classroom to study. We study at the school nearly every day.

I think it’s important to learn so that we can know more than we already know.