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Meet our Scholarship students: Melvin is becoming a Doctor!


Melvin, a 22 year old who's been with EFTC since 5th grade, is in his third year of Med School at one of the most prestigious universities in Guatemala. He's dreamed of being a doctor since he was five, and for that he commutes to the city everyday, spending up to 4 hours to get there and back.


There's no light outside at 4.45 am when Melvin wakes up to get ready for his daily commute to Guatemala city from the town of Jocotenango, 39 km (24 miles) away. After a ride in a chicken bus (named after the fact that they are often crammed with passengers not unlike a truck load of chickens) and several other means of transportation inside the city, he arrives at Universidad de San Carlos, one of the most prestigious in Guatemala.

Melvin has dreamed of becoming a doctor since he was five years old, influenced by the times he visited his uncle, a doctor himself, in his place of work. Saving lives and helping those in need is his inspiration, but he says laughing "I was also inspired by the TV show House, in which the protagonist is a jerk but also very good at investigating diseases".

Melvin attends San Carlos University, one of the most prestigious in the region.

When asked about the obstacles he's faced, he says "the hardest thing to get over was when some of my family members didn't believe in me and didn't support me, but I've always proved that I can achieve whatever I set my mind to".

He now lives with his aunt and grandmother after having problems at home when his mother separated from his stepfather. "I'm motivated to move forward in life and become a role model for those who have no aspirations, I want people to realize there are many ways to accomplish their goals".

Melvin joined EFTC in 5th grade, after his mother's separation, which left the family facing financial problems and made her look for help. Later came his high school graduation, his teacher certification, and a very difficult process to get into Med School. "I want to be a doctor and I'm not going to give up" says Melving, with a soft but determined look in his face.

Melvin as a child at the School of Hope

"I've always proved that I can achieve whatever I set my mind to."

When asked about his goals, he admits: "I don't want to be ignored, I want to be recognised for what I do and what I have accomplished, not just for the life I've lived or the problems I've endured."