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New computers arrive at the School of Hope!


The IT campaign ran on Indiegogo in August was 100% funded! We were able to purchase 14 reconditioned computers to equip a study room for our 120 Scholarship students, as well as 20 flat screens to replace the old deep screen monitors here at the School of Hope. All this happened thanks to your support!

In July, we found out about a fantastic opportunity - a trusted organisation in Guatemala offered us reconditioned IT equipment at an incredibly attractive price. It came at a perfect moment for us too as our study room, a space dedicated to our further education students was in a very poor shape.

We support these students through college and university and it's imperative that we provide them with a space where they can work on their projects, do their course work as well as search for jobs and work experience opportunities.

IT equipment in room

As you can see in the above image, the computer equipment in the study room has deteriorated drastically over the past several years leaving only 3 half-working computers for 120 Scholarship students!

We felt that we couldn't miss the opportunity to equip the study room, as well as get new screens to replace the old monitors in the IT Lab.

So we decided to run a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for 1 month: our goal was to raise $3500 which was enough to cover the cost of the computers as well as transport and setup. We recorded a campaign video, took pictures, prepared a press release and launched the campaign which we have then shared with you -our supporters- through our monthly Newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...

The campaign received over a 1000 visits and had hundreds of shares - it was incredible to see all the engagement and responses! Within a week we reached 35% of our goal and before the end of the month, the campaign was 100% funded. Most of the equipment is now here at the school - have a look at the "before and after" picture of the IT Lab:  

The renovated study room for our scholarship students is now equipped with 10 new computers! The students celebrated the inauguration of the new facilities.