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New water system at the School of Hope!


We are excited to share about our new WASH system on this year’s #WorldWaterDay!  

The Rotary Wash Project started in 2019, with funding support from three separate rotary clubs: Ponte Verde Beach out of Florida, Guatemala del Sur in Guatemala City, and Beaches Rotaract, and a global grant from Rotary International.  The infrastructure was designed by engineering students at the University of North Florida.  Overall the project took over three years and $45k.  

Now in 2022, we have a sustainable water system on the school’s property.  The big water tanks next to our sports pitch can hold 30,000 liters of water.  This allows the school to have water access for up to two days if there happens to be any municipal outage.  An industrial water purifying system was installed making drinkable water available from all the faucets around the school.  There were 5 new water bottle filling stations installed for students to have more access to clean water and a space outside of bathrooms to wash their hands.  One of the water tanks will be filled by rainwater during Guatemala’s rainy season and the recycled water will be used to flush toilets.  

Not only does the new water system give more access to clean water at the school but also allows more access for vulnerable communities.  We were able to create a handicap accessible restroom.  Along with creating a larger last stall in the girls restrooms specifically for menstruation needs such as a sink, more space and the products they might need.  Both of these accommodations help to stop students from missing school.   

Thank you to all the people who were part of making this project happen.  We are reminded today, on International World Water Day, that access to clean water is a human right that is necessary for everyone to live a dignified life. 

Join us in celebrating access to clean water on #WorldWaterDay!