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Phenomenal Proven Partnerships


Ever since the foundation was established back in 2003, we’ve pushed the boundaries to better serve our student community. Part of that ethos is being outward looking and collaborative wherever we can. There’s huge benefits to establishing long term partnerships. 

We’ve proven time and time again that many minds and hands make light work. Throughout the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, our emergency hamper project brings together local suppliers, businesses and NGOs.  We turned a complex web of needs into a smooth distribution operation with more diverse products than we could have hoped for, from diapers to masks; to disinfectant and eggs. Wherever we go and whatever we do, we look for like minded partners, not only to offer their support, but become part of our team and meaningfully contribute. 

At The School of Hope the needs of our students are myriad and complicated. From practical guidance on sexual health, skills on the soccer pitch to creating future peaceful leaders we are determined to offer our students a rounded, practical, education and social programme. 

Some of our major partners include: 

  • Teachers 2 Teachers (teacher support)

Teachers 2 Teachers have been a major professional development partner for the last two years. They provide math workshops, teacher observations and coaching. Throughout Guatemala and at The School of Hope math is the weakest academic subject. Their digital training support on how to teach math remotely during the Covid 19 crisis has been invaluable. 

  • Rekko 8 (healthcare administrator)

The school has partnered with Rekko 8 for several years. Parents are referred to them when students need medical services beyond the scope of our school nurse. They are particularly important when students or their families need a service more specialized than the local health clinic.  They provide a discounted rate to our beneficiaries.

  • Maia Impact (young women leading transformational change)

Maia Impact formed a ‘school district’ along with three other education NGOs . As part of this district, our 7th graders took the MAP (USA standardized exam) in math and literacy. They will sit the exam again in the fall. The district is a great way to share best practices and resources.

  • Escuela Integrada (a neighbouring NGO school)

The school shares best practices with Escuela Integrada and both participated in the anaemia project last year. They are located close to us and siblings from the same family can attend either school, so when necessary we share important information about those families. We also have organized soccer games between the schools.

  • Asociación Antigua (therapy resource)

Our social staff uses their services for health and social preventative campaigns. We also sometimes refer students and parents externally to them for drug and alcohol abuse counselling.

  • Guatemala Sur Rotary Club

They are assisting The School of Hope to build an accessible bathroom, installing potable water tanks, water bottle filling stations, fixing our drainage system and providing workshops to our staff.

  • Oficina de la Mujer (resource for mothers' of our students)

Our social staff refer mothers to them for therapy, legal counseling and other services. They sometimes facilitate during the preventative campaigns.

  • WINGS (sexual reproductive health)

WINGS provide sexual reproductive health training to designated teachers and provide sexual reproductive health counselling and birth control methods to students who seek it.

  • Abbott (sexual reproductive health)

As part of their corporate responsibility they provide sex education workshops, counseling, and birth control to our students.

  • Lead up (reducing violence through peaceful leadership workshops) 

Lead Up provides horse therapy workshops to small groups of teenage students who benefit from calm and peaceful leadership methods to reduce violence.  

  • Ready, set, go! (football mentor programme)

Ready, set, set go! provide a student football mentorship program. Life skills and conflict resolution methods are taught through soccer. The mentors also visit the school to check on students, observe them in class, and offer guidance.