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Preparing Our Graduates For The Future


Our 9th graders have been especially affected by the pandemic. They learned how to get the most out of their last year of junior high while studying from home. They spent late nights helping all of their younger siblings complete their homework, becoming teachers overnight. Many of them went to work in the toughest months of the crisis, making whatever money they could to keep their families afloat. And now, they will celebrate the monumental event of their graduation virtually, without dancing and fun with their friends. Despite this hard year and the uncertainty ahead, they are positive and determined to excel as they move on to high school. Even a pandemic couldn't stop this motivated bunch.

One fundamental part of preparing our graduates for the next step is the annual career fair, which forty five 9th graders attended during the month of September. It was spread over two intensive days in order to follow all health and safety measures and was organized by our talented new Careers Counselor, Diana Gomez.

During the Career Fair, our partner high schools explained what their institutions are like, what each academic or trade program entails, and provided information about the distinct job market and career trajectory of their programs. Four current EFTC university students also presented, giving a first hand, relatable account for the nervous soon to be graduates. The older students provided them with a safe place to share their worries, their doubts, and ask all of their burning questions.

Choosing a career is a big decision for our teenagers, it is both exciting and nerve wrecking. EFTC strives to provide the support and interaction necessary so that students can analyze their future goals, abilities, and opportunities in order to make the right decision for them. This is the first big step they take on the road to independence, they are beginning to define the kind of future they want. As they embark on their next journey, they know EFTC will be with them every step of the way.

Here is a little insight into what our graduates are planning after graduation.

“I want to study marketing and publicity because I like to arrange things and I love negotiating. My biggest motivation is my father and my family, I want to get ahead in life and make them proud.”


“I want to be a nurse so that when people are sick I can give them the help they need. I am motivated by being able to help people have a healthy life, free of sickness. I want to accomplish my goals and help my family.”


“I want to study to be a mechanic or an electrician. I like technology a lot, especially taking things apart and putting them back together to see how they work. I am motivated to continue with my education for my future, my family, and to evolve as a person.”