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Shop Antigua: Our Guide To Souvenirs


Every vacation requires its souvenirs. Maybe something to take you instantly back to sunnier climes when you’re staring through a rainy window on a Monday morning. Or a substantial gift for that amazing relative who has dog-sat for you for two weeks.

Antigua is a wonderful place to visit.  It’s a treasure trove for take-home treats but sometimes those picks are hard to find. So our Visitor & Volunteer Coordinator, Susan is opening up the world behind those colourful Unseco heritage doors and bringing you our pick of the best.

Conserve The Cash

A Guatemalan crafty memento - so many stalls to choose from on the local market

'Chile Santo' spicy sauces - it’s called ‘Holy Chile’ for a reason - smoky flavours and exquisite seasoning
Get some at: Del otro lado
Caoba farms 

Typical Guatemalan Sweets - we challenge you not to sample one or two even if the box is meant for a gift
Get Some From:
Doña María Gordillo 
El sombreron 

Middle Of The Road

Handcrafted Goodies: think wallets, bags, belts, shoes, cosmetics bags - start a slew of ‘Excuse me, where did you get that?’ asks

Get Some: All local markets and Mercado del Carmen

Guatemalan Jewelry: think rings, collars, earrings to give a touch of sunshine to any outfit. Get yours at Los colores de la tierra 

Branded coffee shop swag: Cool coffee bags, mugs, hydro flags, tshirts reawaken your vacation memories every time you make your morning brew
Store: El Gran café 

Chock-full of Chocolate (flavored choco beans, chocolate bars, creams, shampoos, soaps even jams). If it’s got chocolate in it you’ll find it in this store
Store: ChocoMuseo 

Cardamom Liquor - Did you know that Guatemala is a leading producer of cardamom? This store has it in many products and the liquor is a must-try
Store: La casa del cardamomo 

Splash Out

Pachamama Tea a beautiful store where you can create your own tea-blends and take home beautiful gift boxes Pachamama blends 

At Xibalba studio, Head of Design, Laura creates exquisite jewelry. Her team creates the most unique bespoke modern pieces that we guarantee you won’t see anywhere else in the world Xibalba studio

There's a tradition of creating beautiful homewares in Guatemala. If there’s one store in Antigua that begs you bring an empty suitcase on your trip this is it. Hilosophy store is a modern take on the traditional. All items are handmade in their on-site workshop. Hilosophy 

Finally no souvenir stash would be complete without a tipple or three. Guatemala has plenty of gorgeous spirits to try such as Zacapa Rum, Rum Botran and Quezalteca.  Delicious blends of sweetness, fruit and spice. Try them on the rocks or in your favourite dacquiri. See a full range at the Casa del ron