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Students Back Soon - Every Day :)


We were thrilled and humbled by our supporters' generous donations throughout our festive fundraiser and are delighted that on Monday 31 January we will be able to start welcoming each and every student back every day.

The funds have allowed us to expand our classes from 20 to 48. We’ve utilized every inch of space at The School of Hope to allow us to meet Guatemalan Education Ministry Covid regulations.

We’ve already recruited new staff members to get ready for the most logistically complex year ever.

Alongside teachers and administration staff, our nutrition team provides the energy every day that keeps us all healthy and happy. Their lunches are just delicious and are the top reason that our students are looking forward to returning to school! Thanks to the end of year donations, we’ve recruited two additional kitchen staff.

Now, students will have eight hands cooking the 450 meals and snacks needed each day with so much love and care.

The new recruits have already met fellow team members and have been getting to know both the foundation’s ethos and each other through team building activities.

These sessions follow a thorough onboarding programme, including our vision and impact of EFTC for our families and the importance of each and every staff member’s role.


All current and new staff have also received First Aid training from the Firefighters of Jocotenango. And significantly, we were able to ensure a medical team visited the school so all staff could be vaccinated before the start of term.

We can't wait to see those little faces returning to the classroom and are so excited for 2022.