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The importance of our Further Education programme


Meet Susana and Ana Laura, our Further Education team! The program is meant for students who graduate from the School of Hope and want to continue their education in high school and university, supporting them financially, emotionally and in their search for employment.

Ana Laura, our Head of Careers, has been doing a great job with the scholarship students for more than two years, but the program has grown so much with more than 180 students in high school, technical schools and university that we needed an extra hand.

So this year, there’s a new addition to the Further Education team: Susana. While Ana Laura is in charge of the Academic part of the program, supporting them during their studies and helping them choose their career paths, Susana joined us to work more with graduating students who want to find employment. She trains them in areas such as life skills, how to attend a job interview and how to make a resume.

Susana recently attended a Job Fair with 15 students, and they were shocked that there were more than 5,000 people there who were also looking for employment. She says: “that made them realise how hard the job market can be and that they need to take every opportunity they get to attend workshops and differentiate themselves from other applicants. They were a bit disappointed but hopeful, and many of  them were called for job interviews!”.

They realised how hard the job market can be and that they need to take every opportunity to train and differentiate themselves from other applicants."

Ana Laura is always amazed by our students’ resilience: “Life has put them through so many hardships, and sometimes they come to me very tired of the problems they have to face. But they work tirelessly and don’t give up. What I enjoy the most about this job is being able to see our students graduating, that moment when all their hard work pays off.

The Further Education programme's costs are high since we need to cover all our student's expenses, including tuition fees, uniforms and materials.

Also, many of our scholarship students could benefit greatly from having a sponsor to guide them in their path!