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Young women heading for the workforce


Many of you will have seen our posts about our successful entrepreneurs opening their own businesses. Of the 3 students who have so far successfully received this amazing funding to start their own small businesses 2 are women. In a country, and world, that often encounters gender inequality (especially where women do not have the same opportunities and freedom in the workforce) seeing these amazing women succeed has warmed our hearts. However, our program is not stopping there. 


We currently have 5 young women from our scholarship program enrolled in an internal vocational program. This is one of the first steps to begin our entrepreneur program earlier and earlier. Not just offering this final step of funding but working to provide educational background in budgeting, business, applicable skills and much more. Our holistic approach is so much more than just getting our girls to graduate but also to ensure they leave our programs empowered and skilled young women ready to enter the workforce with confidence. 

Unfortunately many of the part time or flexible jobs available in the community where we work are roles not as accessible to the young women in our program.  So to help this group of young women build specialised skills, which will enable them to find employment & generate income immediately, contributing to their families financially while continuing with their studies, we began this first round of workshops. 

These young women are currently almost two months into a specialized manicurist & nail technician course. They have begun practicing putting different types of nail techniques on each other and asking their friends and families to come in as models. Each of them has their own special kit (which they will keep after the course) and have everything they need to begin. We have provided specialised teachers, a safe space and workshops on how to market and use these skills in the workforce afterwards. As well as helping connect them to local salons so that when they finish they will begin working hopefully immediately.



The girls in this course are studying a wide variety of courses, many of which do not immediately align with something such as manicurist & nail technician. However, you can see them all excited and empowered by the freedom having these skills gives them. To search for work, to advocate for themselves, to contribute to their families and to move into the workforce.

For EFTC it is important that our students have a diverse skill set, that allows them to continue to work towards and meet their goals while becoming more economically stable.