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Sponsor a child's future

By sponsoring a student, you will help provide him or her with a quality education and access to various support services. You will join a dedicated community of sponsors and supporters and receive letters from your student with photos, as well as regular EFTC updates and newsletters. You could become a friend and mentor to them as they work towards a brighter future for themselves and their families.

What types of sponsorship are available?

Primary and Middle School students

These are the students who attend the School of Hope, and range from Kindergarten through 9th grade.

  • Nutrition sponsorship - $20 a month - this provides two nutritious meals each day, including morning snack and lunch, along with fruit and vitamin-packed drinks. Our students are then ready and energized to learn every single day!
  • Education sponsorship - $45 a month - this contributes to the cost of a student's education, including learning materials like pencils and notebooks, as well as a contribution to the teacher's salary and your student’s costs of attendance at the School of Hope.
  • Full sponsorship - $65 a month - you will support both your student’s nutrition and education needs through this level of sponsorship. This includes educational materials and two daily nutritious meals.

Through other funding, all our students have access to social services and support provided by The School of Hope.

Higher Education Students

The cost of Higher Education is slightly different than Elementary or Middle school. The students who progress to High School, College, or University are no longer part of the tuition-free School of Hope.

These students require specifically-tailored materials as they delve into their chosen careers.

  • Scholar materials/uniform sponsorship - $25 a month - with this option, you are paying for the books, calculators, and extra school materials a student needs throughout the year. You are also paying for the school uniform that is required once they leave our campus to pursue a more specific and advanced education!
  • Scholar tuition sponsorship - $50 a month - this monthly payment will contribute to the cost of your student's higher education. This is a combination of tuition and inscription fees, along with fees for any special events they need to attend while studying elsewhere
  • Full scholar sponsorship - $75 a month - this level will contribute to both of the above sponsorships, covering your student’s tuition, materials and uniform needs as they continue their advanced education.


What does it mean to be a sponsor?

As a sponsor, you become more than just someone supporting a child's education - you are also a mentor and a friend. At EFTC, our sponsors are also Ambassadors for Education. We encourage communication between our sponsors and our students. You will receive a letter at least twice a year, with a current photo and, if necessary, an English translation.

Many of our sponsors develop a close relationship with their sponsored student, following their progress from early beginnings on to High School and beyond. Sponsors are always welcome to come and visit the school, take a tour, meet and spend time with their sponsored student, and even meet their family!

What do our students think about their sponsors?

Thank you for helping me understand that my education is so important. I hope that we continue to be friends in the future.”

– Flor Yolanda, 16 years old

I have known my madrina [sponsor] for many years and she is someone who cares very much for me. She respects me and I have a lot of respect for her. We are friends and she is part of my family.

– Omar, 10 years old

You have been helping me since I was a child. Thanks to you, I am who I am now” 

- Pablo Josue, 17 years old

My madrina [sponsor] has a lot of kindness and I like playing with her. She loves me and I love her.” 

– Berta Estefania, 9 years old

We need sponsors!

We are always looking for sponsors and supporters to join the EFTC family and play a part in changing the lives of our students. With the help of our sponsors, and through education and empowerment, EFTC is working towards breaking the cycle of poverty in Jocotenango, Guatemala.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want further details about what is like to be a sponsor, read our frequently asked questions.

If you have any queries about sponsoring one of our students then please contact us via or