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Volunteer in Guatemala

Read the latest on our ability to offer volunteer placements in Guatemala - Covid Update.

See another way of life.

See another part of the world.

See how you can help support a child's education.

We offer a world of opportunities for our volunteers in Guatemala, which enables them to use their unique skills and experiences to contribute to our school. From creating and delivering after-school programs for our students, working on existing projects, or working one-to-one with our students, our volunteers are key to all that we do.

Volunteers play such an important role in supporting our incredible teachers, students, and staff. They provide the time, the skills and the experiences we may not always have access to as an non-profit organization.

Some volunteers work as classroom assistants, where they prepare materials, help with classroom management, assist with lessons, and work with kids who need some extra help. Others work as administrative assistants or help with after school clubs. Some work as interns for our Education and Outreach offices.

No matter your Spanish-language level or skill sets, we will find a role for you to fill! Our volunteers come from all over the world, bringing new perspectives to our organization. As a volunteer, you will be supporting disadvantaged families, children, and young adults with your impactful work. We guarantee your time as a volunteer with EFTC will be a valuable learning experience.

If you are interested in working with the wonderful children of the School of Hope, or have any questions, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at!

What are the requirements for being a volunteer?

You must be aged 18 or over at the time you apply to volunteer. If you are younger, you are still welcome to join us, but you must be accompanied by an adult. Volunteers must work at the school for a minimum of one week, but you are encouraged to stay for as long as you want!

How much does it cost to volunteer with us?

EFTC asks for a contribution of $75 to cover the expense of running our volunteer program and for the assistance of our Volunteer Coordinator, who will be happy to help in organizing your transportation and accommodation if needed. Please note the costs of transportation and accommodation are not included in the $75.

If you are already in Antigua, Guatemala, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator to ask about volunteer fees.

For volunteers who fundraise the equivalent of $175 or more for EFTC prior to their arrival, this volunteer fee will not be applied. If you are interested in raising funds for the School of Hope, please email us for information on which current projects require funding.

If you are Guatemalan, the volunteer fee will not be applied.

What is the volunteer process?

Look at our many volunteer opportunities in the Volunteer Roles and Internships section.

Fill out the application form.

Send us a copy of your CV to

We will get back to you with current volunteering opportunities within a week of receiving your application.


Do I need a background check?

All visitors and volunteers require a background check to work at the School of Hope. The process to get a background check varies country to country.

In the US, you can obtain a background check through an online company. We recommend Googling and using SentryLink or GoodHire. The cost is about $20, and takes about 10 minutes. This must be done before leaving the USA. You can then send a digital copy of the background check to the Visitor Coordinator at

If you have any questions or concerns about how to get a background check, please contact the Visitor and Volunteer Coordinator.


Where in Guatemala am I going to live?

Volunteers usually prefer to live in the nearby town of Antigua rather than Jocotenango, as it offers a wide array of services and tourist attractions, such as cafes, Spanish schools, vibrant restaurants and bars, and beautiful ancient ruins and churches.

You can choose your own accommodation or stay with one of our trusted ‘host families’ in the town of Antigua. They generally charge Q700 ($93) per person, per week. You would have your own bedroom and a shared bathroom, dining room, and living area. Depending on the time of year you visit there might be other volunteers living in the same house. If you are part of a group of people traveling together, we have large enough host houses to enable you all to stay together.

Antigua, Guatemala

Our school is located about 15 minutes from the beautiful town of Antigua, a vibrant yet peaceful colonial town and the most popular destination for visitors to Guatemala. 

Antigua feels like a portal to another century. The almost 500-year-old city is cradled by three volcanoes and filled with colonial-era mansions, churches, and convents. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

In addition to the striking 17th and 18th century ruins in the center of the town, Antigua offers an array of restaurants, boutiques and bars with live music. Visitors can browse the craft markets, sip on an espresso at a coffee farm, watch a film or play at one of the many cultural centers or walk up the Cerro de la Cruz to get an amazing view of the whole town (source: The NY Times).

Volunteer roles

Do you have any specific skills that we could put to good use? If so, then apply for a Volunteer Role and join us to help make a difference.